Blog Marketing To Bloggers – A New Online Business Niche Market!

Marketing aimed especially at bloggers who want to build a
readership: will this become a specific niche of internet

Internet marketing is a generic term for the whole scope
of marketing targeted for online business owners and
webmasters which until now has rarely been very specific
in its application. But today, with the new widespread
interest in blogging and the wonderful social bookmarking
phenomenon, a new specific breed of internet marketing
is called for! And so I am advocating “Blog Marketing”!

What is Blog Marketing exactly?

Marketing specifically given to solving the problems facing the
blogger. Which are? Well, say you get your new blog up and
running: it is to be about cat breeds. You have two pedigree
cats and you want to tell the world about them and so you opt
for the general niche of Cat Breeds, with the intention of
sneaking in lots of neat amusing anecdotes on your two cats,
lots of interaction between cat-lovers, a directory of breeders,
photos of pedigree cats, and not least, to promote a few ebooks
devoted to cats.

You spend a little time creating your first ten posts, you add
some sidebars, you’re ready to roll out your blog to the world,
both cat-loving and cat-hating, and even cat-indifferent!
And what happens then? Nothing. No one visits your blog,
no one comments on your blog, no one knows your blog exists.
You want to cure the “nothing” scenario? So this is where Blog

Marketing comes along for you!

You need to communicate with cat-lovers everywhere that
your blog is up and running and requires readership! You
could start by emailing cat breeders and cat breed sites asking
for advice, material to post, a directory of breeders, photos.
Tell them your aims, ask them to get involved. Do they have a
list of cat-lovers? How can you tap into that list? Can you pay
to run a solo ad to the list? Can you swap anything for the use
of the list, perhaps free advertising or article posting upon
your blog pages?

Try a few simple small inexpensive ads offline: classifieds
in local and national ad newspapers, cat magazines and
similar. Proclaim your blog to be a meeting of the minds
for cat afficiendos! Have an opt in box at the top of your
blog page to capture readers’ names and emails so you can
build a list of cat-lovers, email them a weekly newsletter, say,
and occasionally promote ebooks and other services of interest.

You may even narrow this niche down to just one or two breeds!
I would prefer to target pedigrees in general so as to enjoy a
wider audience for my newsletter promotions. Have some cartoons
on your blog. Vet numbers. “How To” and “Did You Know” and
feature a breeder weekly. Have lush photos and cute stories!
Consider some low priced Google AdWords advertising which can
be very effective in this type of niche, especially if you
promote your blog as an authority: “The Balinese Breeders
Blog” for instance, or “Cat Lovers Get It Here Blog”!

Search online for other blogs, either devoted to cats or
something along the lines of Pedigree dogs, birds, fish
even! Rabbits, coveys: advertise and article swap with these.
Build a community of like minded blogs! Keep it interactive.
We don’t want closet blogging! Open your doors and proclaim
your blog to the world at large!

So these are some initial ideas I have for a very specific animal
lovers’ niche blog, and of course you can work along similar
lines whatever your subject of interest. I would like to say
especially: do keep posting regularly, at least twice weekly,
even if on random days and short posts. Keep up-to-date and
keep the flow going. Social bookmark a short synopsis of your
post to various web 2.0 websites. Take a few moments to read
other blogs and comment on them. Show an interest. Blog
marketing is interactive internet marketing! There are no hard
and fast rules: blogging is developing all the time. But be
imaginative, be innovative and be creative! Aim to stand out
from the crowd. Propel your blog onwards and upwards by
sheer courage, boldness, wit and ingenuity! Because
blogging is you! Blogging is you expressing your thoughts
and ideals to the world. And we love you for it!

Enjoy great success in your blog marketing!

Information About The Different Cool Photo Effects That You Can Add To Your Photo Shots

The possession of a digital camera is extremely common these days. There’s barely a household out there that doesn’t own this hi-tech gadget. Now, considering the frequent and rather common utilization of digital cameras to snap photos, impressing your family members and friends with the photographs that you have taken is no longer easy – their expectations have somehow risen above the norms. However, there’s good news, as you can now add effects to photos to make them look as if they have been shot by a professional, and impress all those around you. Here’s a bit of information about the different cool photo effects that you can add to your shots:

Add in the black and white photo effect

If you have a color photo at hand that you’d like to add an effect to, then it is highly recommended for you to use the black and white photo effect over it. Believe it or not, this photo effect works wonders and actually triggers soothing feelings and nostalgia. The best part about it is that it gives more definition and depth to the images.

Oil painting effects work wonders too

Give your photos the old canvas look and feel by adding the oil paint effect to them. If truth be told, giving your photos a more painting-like touch is only possible through an artist and it doesn’t come cheap. But you can now use your computer skills instead and add these effects to your photos within moments – that too professionally!

Add in the sepia effect to your shots

If you want to add a look of the past to your images, then the sepia effect is your best choice. The thing with the sepia effect is that it actually gives a duller look and feel to your photos by adding a bit of a light brown tint to them. What this basically does is that it fades down the image and gives it a wear and tear type appearance. So if you want to ‘olden’ up your photos, add the sepia effect to them now!

Give your photos a sketch-like feel with the pencil sketch effect

If you want to make your photos look like they have been sketched with a pencil, then it is highly recommended for you to try out the pencil sketch photo effect. It helps give your photos the kind of effect that a photo artist on the street can give by painting on paper. It is one of the most interesting cool photos effects that you can add to your shots for it adds a bit of an artistic touch to them.

There’s literally a world of photo effects that you can add to the shots that you have taken. The best part about all of them is that they can all take the beauty of your shots to a whole new level, and give them a more visually appealing and professional touch.