Using New Services to Effectively Market Your Property Online

While everyone continues to use the exact same services to advertise their properties, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be unique from everyone else. Unfortunately, it has even reached a point where people think that to sell properties online, you must only use these certain services. This is not only incorrect, but it is becoming less effective as newer technology becomes available. That being said, you will now learn about one of these new services that is rapidly getting the awareness of real estate experts from across the nation.

Currently, there is a new trend real estate experts have been testing with mixed results. They are making video tours of their properties and posting them on video sharing sites. You may have even seen or read in the news about real estate professionals doing such things, but even these innovators haven’t found the right place to post their video tours.

With traditional video-sharing sites like YouTube, all of the videos you upload are delivered to an extremely broad audience focused on entertainment. When it comes to posting video tours to help sell real estate on such sites, this can not only provide you with no leads, but it can even have a negative impact on your marketing. The reason being is because people can do 2 things to hurt your reputation: (1) give your video the lowest rating possible and (2) post negative comments about the home and/or video tour. No matter which one they choose, they will end up hurting your reputation to acquire qualified leads.

One thing to realize is this: on these kinds of video-sharing sites, all members have the same privileges. No matter if they are 7 years old or 50 years old, their comments and ratings have the same impact as everyone else’s.

Luckily, there is a real estate video web site that eliminates these risks and is designed to acquire buyers. It’s called RealeFlix, and it is a video service intended to only be used for buying and selling property. They help sellers by giving them free video tutorials and various tools to get starting with creating professional video tours. They also help buyers by giving them a number of features and tools to provide them a full perspective of your property.

The great thing about posting your video tours on RealeFlix is you know that the people viewing your video tour are interested in buying and not just looking to entertain themselves. This in addition to the fact of gas prices constantly going up signifies that buyers are interested in new ways to see real estate without having to commute everywhere. So, while everyone else is still using photos, you can be way ahead of them by not only creating video tours, but also know where to post them to get quality leads.

Edit Pictures With Special Photo Effects

In the hi-tech world, each person has a digital camera. It has become a tradition of taking a digital camera to make photographs of something new. How pleasant to show these pictures to our friends! In the world of the Internet and social networking picture, by its own, can no longer impress the demanding user. Many people understand this and try to improve their pictures by to editing with a special image effects.

What are the best methods to improve the picture?

Black and White photo effect

This effect converts any color photo to black and white. This effect can trigger memories from the past, thus adding an image a sense of nostalgia. Want to make your photo more deep? Use black and white image effect!

Sepia picture effect

This is one of those effects that come to us from the past when some artists have painted in this style. In most cases, Sepia is used to “olden” a photo. Sepia makes your photo more dull, giving it a light brownish tint. After corresponding photo editing, picture looks faded and tarnished for many years. If you apply this effect to photos that show the recent events – than the result will quite funny!

The effect of oil paintings

In the old days, when there were no photo cameras – people depicted surrounding world on canvas and paper. Paintings popular to this day. The process of creating paintings of ordinary photography is quite complex. If you’re not an artist, you will have to find one, but it is not cheap. Fastest way to turn photos into the picture is using computer algorithms. Modern photo editor can apply such effect in a seconds.

Pencil Sketch photo effect

Would you like to have your picture look like a sketch, drawn with a pencil?. Maybe, you seen on the streets an artist who wanted to paint you on paper. Pencil sketch – is another kind of photo effect, which makes your photo more interesting. Edit pictures and bring a little bit art in your photos!


Another great photo effect – an animated film filter. Apply this photo effect for your photo and get a unique as a result! The resulting picture is very similar to the cartoon image of Walt Disney. The result of applying effect will delight adults and children! You must try the effect of an animated film to please your friends and family!

Vintage Photo

Retro photo effect can turn your modern photos into very old one. Beautiful results of this effect is achieved with the imposition of all sorts of artifacts and dirt. Effect of the old retro photos – is good choice to laugh and for more serious applications. Above we have described the most popular photo effects. Apply these effects each time to please the family or make fun of your friends

How to apply these effects to your photo?

Among the serious graphic packages can be distinguished Gimp. Unfortunately, to create the effect in this package – you need a solid knowledge in this program. Many of the effects may be required for hours to create the desired result. Fortunately, you can do it all with one click!. At the moment, there are several photo editing sites that apply photo effects for you. Just upload any photo and get a wonderful and unexpected results!.

Utilizing Your Time For Your Online Business Effectively

Like most of the new online marketers out there, you may probably be wondering about this, “Where am I going to find time for my blog posts and informational updates for my online business?’

The ever-increasing demand for fast, quality and FREE information of the internet commuters makes it very competitive amongst internet marketer to standout. As more and more people are putting more unique articles online to grasp the opportunities to seize attention, we need to provide up-to-date information about your online businesses consistently.

However, due to the limited time and overwhelming marketing tools available, we need to explore some ways to manage the time for each marketing strategies effectively. The main problem is that, we tend to get confused on weighting the right amount of time needed for each marketing segment.

For me? I always follow these few rules-of- thumbs to avoid under or overworking myself:

1. Plan your media and resources. Audit your existing social media and reuse useful material when possible. For those who want free tracking tools to track the traffic for each of your marketing campaign, you can go to or MyClicky to track the unique clicks for your marketing campaigns..

2. Using comment inputting tools to track the needs of your audience, You can use Flickr photos, YouTube, Your Blog, page comments or product reviews to see how the viewers response to the useful information that you posted.

3. Distribute your workload through partnership or co-operation; You can sign up for some popular multi-author blogs related to the niche market that you are in. This is to ease the burden of doing blog editing and resource updates fully on your own. For example, You can also appoint admins for your Facebook pages or Twitter accounts so that the group of trusted friends can help you build up your fan pages through posting good stuffs on your Facebook fan page.

4. Always leave your digital footprint where ever you go online; Instead of spending time updating multiple sites, we can use, FriendFeed for updates, RSS feeds and social bookmarks. You can also import your feeds to your Facebook page, or display it as an RSS widget on your blog.

5. Using the power of Multiplier Effect. You can tweet your blog automatically using Twitterfeed. You can pull your blog posts into Facebook using the “notes function” or an RSS app. Therefore, your twitter status would be linked and automatically becomes your Facebook status. Saving your time to do other important marketing tasks.

6. Utilizing your time appropriately. You can integrate using tools of social medias into your working life with desktop applications such as Tweetdeck to set aside more time for your online businesses during your working hours (If you have a full-time job).

In conclusion, using some of the creative ways to increase exposure of your Onine business involving minimal time and resources used. In this way, you can make more time for your other online marketing activities.

To learn more details on how to build your own online business effectively; Visit my site as stated below

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Steven Peh